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When people think about computer science, they imagine people with pocket protectors and thick glasses who code all night.

Marissa Mayer

some grafical design

Hello my name is Alexander, i am a 38 jears old programmer from Bavaria Germany. Professional i work for the BMW-Group as an specialist for industry 4.0 and also as specialist for PLC and automation. For this job it was nessecary to get an state-certified technician electric/IT. In this training i got an deeplink trought coding and webdesign.

Whatever HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL, C++, C# or Swift it was all included.




Simplicity is complex. It’s never simple to keep things simple. Simple solutions require the most advanced thinking.

Richie Norton

I am able  to build you Websites, iOS App´s or Windows Applications. My favorite tools are X-Code 9 , MS Visual Studio, Textastic and Brackets. The graphical designwork will be fixed with the free tool InkScape. I try to fix your problem any way, my network of professional people is realy big.

Simplicity is, as simple as you make it.     

Anthony Liccione

Take a look arround and feel free to contact me for an inquiry or to leave feedback. Please leave a comment about this site and my ideas. It will help me a lot to improof my skills and designs.

…Thanks for your support …